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Updated: Feb 11, 2022

…and what have you done? Another year over, and a new one just begun… John Lennon

Our tree shimmers with white lights and flashes off and on in various patterns. It is a little thin tree with few ornaments. Each one holds remembrance of a past occasion, story, or individual. My son helped decorate this year which was a pleasure. We selected each decoration as this tree would not have many.

My daughter’s gifts sit under the tree; Covid-19 kept us apart this season. The first-ever. How unfamiliar.

I think of past Christmases -how many more does one have? Do we take them for granted? I did.

At Dad’s last holiday and Boxing Day gathering, he played Rockband with my brother, laughed, ate sweets, turkey, and spent time with the family. We assumed we would have another.

No one knew. No foreshadowing. Christmas Day is forever unfamiliar, and Boxing Day will never have the same significance.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let’s hope it’s a good one without any fear. John Lennon

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