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My nervousness about COVID-19 is valid. I know people within my circles think I am over the top with my reasoning. I’m afraid I have to disagree.

Last night I watched the Netflix-3 episode series, CORONAVIRUS EXPLAINED. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in the virus and how it developed, how it spreads, and the stress it places on individuals. https://www.netflix.com

Now that Canada and my province of Nova Scotia are ‘getting back to normal’ by opening up stores, businesses, and have created this Atlantic Bubble, Nova Scotians, for the most part, feel safe. I do not.

I know the second wave is coming.

It makes no sense that we created a Bubble within the Atlantic Provinces when anyone can fly into Nova Scotia. How is that a Bubble? It is the misrepresentation of safety. To drive to the provinces of your choice, you need to show proof that you reside somewhere in the Atlantic Bubble. Once you show evidence, you can travel and visit without 14-day isolation. Sounds beautiful and risk-free.

You can also fly into, outside the Bubble, Nova Scotia understanding that you will self-isolate for 14 days – while on your two-week vacation or for whatever reason you need to come here. Think about that. Think about the different people you have spoken to since the outbreak. What does self-isolation look like to them? Does that mean staying in one room? Does that mean- staying in one house but people can visit, and those people can travel anywhere? They can shop in the community – visit friends, etc. My version of self-isolation is different than my parents, my daughter, and most people.

So if you trust those travelers, I believe that it is silly your choice.

Everything we do involves risk. Don’t look to the politicians to decide your fate. You need to educate yourself, make your choices, as your risk is in your hands. We all have the human right to our own decisions.

If you are not fearful or need to live without fear – I understand that. We all need to make our individual choices. I suggest you make them educated and not on what is shared by media, by what is deemed okay by the government, follow the health information and researchers and examine the situation yourself.

The government is required to evaluate health information, but they also need to consider their individual economies, and the rights of its citizens to make choices. I feel no one should feel shame for the decisions they make either way. So socialize, or not socialize, shop in person or order online, wear protective gear, or don’t, this is literally about survival for some people.

I mean some people are actually having COVID-19 parties where they invite a person with COVID to the party and the next person that gets the virus from the party, and it is verified by a doctor, they win! Can we say idiots. How trustworthy.


It is a scary time for the world. It is historical. Please remember that you are responsible for your choices and the outcome; you cannot place blame. Countries are making decisions, political parties are making decisions, and health researchers are making suggestions. You are trusting the information and what others are doing. That is scary to me.

As HOUSE MD says, ‘Everybody lies, and I do believe that.’ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0412142

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