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Just for Today I will try to live through this day only, not tackling all of my problems at once. I can do something at this moment that would discourage me if I had to continue it for a lifetime.


This is ME & I am powerless over my emotions. Powerless? I still am freaked by that statement and the acceptance of it. Powerless? To admit that I am powerless, I dawdled around. Some in recovery have the belief in a ‘higher power’ as this is mentioned often; however I do not. That ‘part’ of the program I choose to ‘leave’.

I started working the program of Emotions Anonymous in 2011. I attended meetings, started a local group, and participated in online meetings and loops. I would “guessimate” it to be a couple of years since I read daily reflections and ‘worked’ the program. I yearn for the support & connection.

To speak to the above , Just for Today, focusing on today has been paramount in my recovery. Historically, I would plague about yesterday and tomorrow, while never truly examining what I could commonsensical complete or control. I utilize the slogan, First Things First, as a sort of mantra or life tool.

First Things First

It is practical to conceive that I cannot tackle all of my surveyed problems at once, but as a result of conflicting emotions, I can get off course by running a hamster wheel in my freaky deaky mind. Repetitively chewing over what needs to be done, or what is happening, versus what can I do?

Therefore,I make a list.

Remembering what I need to prioritize and handwriting a practical and attainable realistic list improves my emotional and psychological wellness.

I am powerless. Pause & Reflect.

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