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Holy shit, it has been a minute!

Holy shit, it has been a minute since I last penned a blog! I am dreading checking when I last did. My nature tries to create many things; I let some things slide. This blog slid off the cliff!

Let's see, what is new? I have been operating a YouTube video blog under the same name. I considered this type of blog for years but could not get myself into a mindset that I was ready to accept myself as me and not change, re-do, or edit every video. I mean, I would never get anything else done. Take 5067. Sweet lord! Therefore I just did it. No edited videos, and you can tell!

Like it or leave it.

It is bizarre that the more videos I accomplish, the better I can tolerate watching myself that, hey, I am not that flawed. hindsight, the videos have been a gift.

I am me. Check me out !!

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