Reflection for Today Today is my spouse’s birthday. The best gift I can give him is to let him be himself – not try to change him. He has the same rights as I do and is entitled to make his own decisions, whether I think they are correct or not. Criticism is a major character defect of mine – one that I ask my Higher Power to remove. It is a very unloving habit and only leads to arguments and bad feelings.

Excerpt From: Emotions Anonymous. “Today.”


Wow. This reflection really hits home for me. When I finally, after bumping my head into the wall a million times, accepted the truth behind this reflection- my life changed.

You cannot change anyone. You cannot mold a partner into who you think they should or need to be for you. When you truly love yourself and accept a person for who they are – life changes.

If the person is content – that is all that matters.

Let them go.

If you have different needs, look for a life that fills those needs and do not place expectations on someone who does not want to or can’t fill them for you. Although if hurts, do the right thing – move on. If you don’t accept and move on – you will resent.

Resentment is misery.

Move on. This sounds simplistic but it is not. Religious beliefs and feelings tormented me for years. It was mental anguish. Finally we set each other free.

Thank you EA for this reflection. Thank you for reading.

In Recovery.

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