Mr. Wally

Updated: Feb 11

Let’s talk about Mr. Wally. He is a lab-shepherd mix intact male. He is loyal, insecure, goofy, lovable, smart, and a pain in the arse friend.

Layla & Mr. Wally as little ones

The vet recommended waiting until he is approx. a year before neutering him due to his growing size. Yet of late, Mr. Wally has decided it is a great idea to mark my fridge indoors- why my fridge? Maybe the food belongs to him?

He also marks every known spot outside. The garbage cans, the barbecue, the steps, the house, the basement windows, the camper, and pretty much anywhere his nose smells- that equates to everywhere and regularly visited.

Mr. Wally and his love for yogurt

I love this bugger so much. Wally brightens my day; I laugh daily. He is a big goofball who must lick your face several times a day, thinks he is a little lap dog and does not realize his strength. I have bruises to prove it.

Lately, the fence has been no deterrent for him. He jumps over to chase deer, eat grass, greet someone, and just because he feels like it. If he leaves the yard, it is to pursue his perception of danger like birds, cats, deer, and the sound of fireworks. Wally always returns, but the threat to him is dangerous. Traffic, dog catcher, and if someone doesn’t like him- who knows?

Day trip to the water

I need a solution. Currently, I go outside with Wally every time- he is banned from freedom in the yard, unlike his sisters. I need to build a higher fence, yet with financial pending doom, I need to wait. Oh Mr. Wally how we love you so.

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