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New Memories Needed

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

So, I updated my phone to a Samsung Galaxy A71

iQ Podz 26W TWS True Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case and Bluetooth 5.0

I would lay in my bed and listen to my cassette tapes on my ghettoblaster or the radio’s top hits and dream. Dream about relationships, boys, marriage, children, and replay awkward conversations over and over in my mind.

As the years went on, I listened less and less unless I was out dancing in my twenties or in the car. After marriage and children, I would play my music while I cleaned – to get into the mood and boost my energy. My daughter remembers this. She remembers my loud music mainly after I purchased a home where apartment living did not stifle me. I fondly remember my Mom doing the same thing and remember specific songs that she would play and it brings me back to those priceless times.

As the years advanced, I listened less and less. First off, the old ghettoblaster disappeared after so many moves over the years. Therefore, the music playing was few and far between – plus, I did not want to inconvenience others in the house.

But wow! I LOVE these wireless headphones! My daughter sent me a playlist from Spotify Music

Today I created my first playlist on Spotify, and I am enjoying this day so much! I feel like I am in my little memory world. Strange as you age – life becomes memories.

I need to start creating memories again.

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