Relationships Suffer

Updated: Feb 11

Can a personality deeply understand a conflict or obstacle if they have not or do not experience the same?

When you converse with a friend, a family member, a professional, or a doctor, do they accurately understand? The person listening to you may try to understand and give guidance or recommendations as a way to help.

No matter the difficulty, people want to assist in some way. This help could be in the form of a professional or a loved one. They try to help and become disappointed, frustrated and hurt if you don’t follow the advice given.

When we share a problem with a doctor, is the doctor genuinely listening, or are they actively considering a reply or solution? When you share a topic or difficulty with a partner, does your loved one hear you, or are they trying to find a solution and give advice?

We all have encountered this.

You don’t practice as suggested; you don’t try to substitute various habits as advised; you are still stuck in a defective behavioral cycle and believe you can’t change.

I have noticed that communicating with a peer with comparable experiences can feel profound – they comprehend.

It is not that you do not appreciate all the assistance loved ones, friends, and professionals are giving you – it is that they genuinely do not know- and that you alone need to make the change independently. They may have read information, researched, or given advice and guidance in a caring and loving way – yet, they become frustrated with you if you ‘fall off the wagon,’ resort to old habits and behaviors, and they may feel it is not that hard to; stop.

This failure results in further negative feelings, weak self-esteem, and feelings of doubt and self-hatred.

Relationships suffer.

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