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Updated: Feb 11

With Covid-19 and travelling restrictions and concerns, I have decided to rent out rooms in my home instead of utilizing Airbnb rooms. I feel this is a safer choice.

To rent a room in your home can be an excellent additional income supplement. Before Airbnb, I considered renting rooms but decided the Airbnb was the best option as it is short term, and you can choose to block out rooms if you have an event or are travelling away for a few days or weeks. I like the Airbnb option as you do not have to be concerned about lifestyle compatibility as your guests are short term.

Renting rooms weekly or monthly can result in a situation where lifestyles differ tremendously. Noise levels, sleeping needs, and the amount of socializing in the home. It is important to screen renters without discrimination yet look at matches and compatibility. This can be a fine line. Not only do you want a similar lifestyle in regards to noise levels, work schedules, sleeping patterns, bathroom use and kitchen use, but all renters and homeowners need to feel safe.

During my research on what homeowners may do when they decide to rent rooms vary. I have seen requests for students only, women only, working-adults only, etc. Offers or renting to only a specific category can be a form of discrimination. Student boarding houses, woman only boarding houses, and senior renters are a few examples of classifying people into categories and compatibility. I have more research to do.

I am on the fence. I mean, if you were renting an apartment, it is a private space but renting rooms and utilizing the same shared spaces is like having roommates. I have also noticed some rooming houses may also have a rule list to keep things running smoothly. Let’s face it having roommates that don’t pick-up after themselves can cause a real issue with renters.

I have not placed an ad looking for renters yet, but I will shortly. What a learning curve!

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