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The Dog Bells Ring

My darkness is unsettled,

I toss.

I turn.

My eyes open.

Then close.

Then quickly open again.

Damn, the pups are out of their kennels.

The door dog chimes are ringing signifying one wants out.

I unhurriedly get out of our bed and step down the hallway towards the back door.

I glimpse both pups are in their kennels sleeping.

What rang the bells?

I get anxious.

I have been pondering about Dad a lot recently.

The what- I should have done.

The- why did I do that - reflections are tormenting me.

I wander around the house scrutinizing, turning lights on-

I am frightened.

As I step into the storage room, a heap of my partner's comic books slide to the floor.

My mind constructs the prospects of spirits.

Foolish, I don't accept that shit.

Life ends, and it is over.

Frig off freaky mind.

I get back into bed and leave the light on.

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