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The Joy of Role-Reversal

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Weird and comical recollections occasionally pop into my freaky mind. Remember the first time you tried to swallow a tablet?

How fearful and challenging was it? It was for me.

It seemed unthinkable. I remember considering how people do this- I will never be able to do this.

Monitoring my children trying to swallow medication while laughing my arse off brings back many memories. In my adult mind, it can be frustrating because ‘it is nothing now.’

“Just put it in (pretend it is not there) and take a big gulp and swallow.” “Let’s put it in yogurt/pudding – just take the spoon, put it in your mouth and swallow.” ‘Just, do it quick, come -on!’

No luck. Dear sweet lord.

Alanis understands the Jagged Little Pill.

The joy of role reversal.

I love you, Mother.

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