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I can see him in the distance.

I towards him.

Him towards me.

My heart begins to beat faster.

My step gets a little lighter….

I cannot hold in the massive SMILE that infects my face.

I walk faster. My face hurts.

I can see him smiling

I can see him speeding in pace.

I can hardly catch my breath as my smile begins to hurt my jaw;

As my ‘walk to meet him’ begins to develop into a jog.

I can see he is wearing the Wind River pullover too!

The ones we bought together the day before…… it seems like weeks since we were last together.

We get closer and closer…..

My heart is beating faster and faster.

My emotions are overwhelming me.

I cannot contain myself any longer.

I begin to run…..he smiles and starts running.

I leap into his arms


I am home.

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